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VoIP Service Providers South Africa

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VoIP Service Providers South Africa

Partnering with Leading VoIP Service Providers in South Africa

VoIP technology has been a game changer in the way the world – and business – communicates. Voice Over Internet Protocol technology is a type of phone service that allows anyone to make phone calls using the Internet. You won’t need local phone service to do this and VoIP is actually one of the most cost-efficient ways that businesses can communicate with employees, customers and suppliers these days. It also offers a number of cutting edge and popular features that conventional phones don’t provide. It is easy to see why VoIP service providers in South Africa are in such high demand.

In order to make VoIP phone calls, you will require an internet connection, even though you won’t even need a computer to make a call. However, you will need an IP phone or an analogue telephone adapter (ATA). The ATA adapter features two connections. One of the ends will plug into the IP phone while the other will plug into the Ethernet connection on your router. You can then connect to the internet and make use of your VoIP service provider in South Africa to start making phone calls straight away.

The IP phone has its own IP address, much like any other device on a computer network such as smartphones, tablets and other devices. IP phones are usually preferred because it offers such great features that have even become standard in the business world. These features range from automatic call answering, redirection through extensions and call waiting, to name a few.

The Affordability of VoIP Phone Calls

Of course one of the biggest reasons behind the persistent popularity of this technology is its promise to slash telecommunication costs for any company. After spending the capital outlay for the equipment and paying for the South African VoIP service provider for the service, you will be able to make as many phone calls as you want at zero cost. This also includes making international calls if need be.

Other popular features include the ability to set up conference calls, receive and send text messages, block calls and make use of an automatic pickup service. These value-adding services and features will help you to take your business into the future with cutting edge telecommunications technology.

Leading South African VoIP Service Provider SPOC Managed Services

SPOC Managed Services is a leader in the South African VoIP industry. We are focused on providing cutting edge communication services to a wide range of customers. Our team is service driven and will provide the resources in consulting and project management that may be needed by our clients from time to time.
Since 2003, we have been hard at work providing the very latest and most cutting edge telecommunications and VoIP services available on the market. SPOC supplies Siemens telecommunications and PABX equipment to South African businesses throughout the country. All the equipment is supplied, installed and maintained by our qualified sales and technical staff, servicing a nationwide client base.

Thanks to our commitment to excellence and willingness to always go the extra mile, SPOC was recently honoured to receive the prestigious award of being named Siemens Partner of the Year from 2006 to 2011. This is in recognition of our service-oriented company culture and of our continued efforts to lead our industry in excellence.
Our company is also registered with Telkom as an External Sales Agent, allowing us to represent Telkom in the marketing and implementation of their services. These services range from their ADSL products to Diginet, Smart Access and ISDN, to name a few.

These and many features all come together to make SPOC Managed Services one of the leading VoIP service providers in South Africa. Our team of seasoned and dedicated industry professionals are at hand to advise you on all the many telecommunications options and products available for your company and how partnering with us can help grow your business.

By choosing SPOC as your VoIP service provider of choice in South Africa you will benefit from our established infrastructure and product offerings. Contact SPOC Managed Services to learn more about our many VoIP products and to find out how we can help take your company’s telecommunications into the future.