Cordless Phones South Africa

The Use Of Cordless Phones In South Africa

The use of cordless phones and phones using DECT technology has been steadily on the increase in South Africa over the past decade. Whereas once these phones were bulky and difficult to use today’s models are extremely user friendly.

The many different makes and models of cordless phones in South Africa have been designed to offer both home and business users access to the latest cordless telephony technology. These phones are ergonomically designed and some even feature Bluetooth technology which allows the users to make use of headsets for both person to person and conference calling. The ability to take part in conference calls has made these new generation cordless phones extremely popular with business users from a variety of different industries in South Africa.

The cordless DECT phones that are used in South Africa by small and large businesses can take advantage of the large number of PABX systems that are currently available that use VoIP technology to enhance both the functionality of the handsets and reduce the call costs of the business.

Voice Over Internet Protocol makes use of the company’s own network to enable communication within the office environment and also makes crystal clear calls to external parties a reality. The internal use of cordless phones by many businesses in South Africa relies on the internal WiFi network that is already in place in many companies. The sue of existing network infrastructure means that the advanced VoIP services such as data transmission are now available to commercial users at a fraction of the cost of these services only a decade ago.

The newer models of cordless phones that are now available to businesses in South Africa have several advanced features that make them ideal for use within the business environment. The crystal clear displays allow users to access information quickly and easily and the ability of many of the cordless phones to interface with a PC and access contact lists that are stored on the computer has enhanced their functionality, as well as allowing these phones to contribute significantly to productivity within the business environment.

Many of the cordless phones that are available in South Africa are manufactured by world leaders in the supply of cordless telephony solutions such as Siemens. The phones supplied by companies like Siemens are at the cutting edge of available technology and a variety of different models are available to suit the requirements of small and large businesses as well as home users. Many of these phones have been designed to weather the conditions that can be found on industrial sites and are resistant to dust, as well as being water resistant.

Even the entry level cordless phones that are available in South Africa have extremely clear screens, allowing users to access advanced features like the conference calling capability of these phones. More advanced models have full colour high resolution screens and attractive displays that feature extremely intuitive operation.

Cordless phones in South Africa are growing in popularity in part because they offer the users freedom of movement within the office environment while still allowing them to communicate quickly with colleges and external parties such as customers. The use of VoIP technology has also enhanced the attractiveness of cordless phones by making calls cheaper and therefore reducing the overheads of the company.

South African home users have benefited from the steadily decreasing costs involved in the ownership of cordless phones. The trend towards the use of cordless telephones shows no sign of slowing as new technologies mean increased functionality that is today beginning to rival that of the most advanced cellular telephony handsets. The ease of use and convenience of the cordless phones have made the handsets extremely popular with both home and office users. With decreasing costs and added functionality it is almost certain that cordless phones will be setting the benchmark for communications devices for some years to come.