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Innocents Initiative

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Innocents Initiative: When the Innocent among us are neglected, our communities need to rally together before our own humanity is lost.

Innocents InitiativeInnocents Initiative is a campaign drive by SPOC Managed Services in proud partnership with Gracia Child & Youth Care Centre and Millbank Dachshund Rescue. These amazing organizations, with their incredible staff, take care of societies abandoned Innocents 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Unfortunately, both these organisations are completely publicly funded, without government assistance. 

We urge the public to get involved. Please, go through their wishlists and donate the items needed. Put a smile on a child's face and sponsor a gift for an Innocents birthday. And most importantly, donate much needed and sorely lacking funds.

Thereafter, visit a beautiful farm and be surrounded by happy wagging tails which are overjoyed to see you every time.

Go and meet amazingly brave children who have finally found a safe haven and a reason to smile and laugh again.

Get involved, make a difference. To you, it may just be a small gesture of time or money spent, but to these Innocents, it means the world.

Contact Us to get involved in making Innocent lives better.

House Gracia

A safe haven for children

House Gracia is a safe place for children where they can get the care and education they deserve.

With a Christian foundation, they are taught the values of life and with the right amount of love and attention, they have a chance at a better future.

Who and what is House Gracia

House Gracia started in 2012 with one goal in mind; to create a safe haven for mistreated and underprivileged kids. These kids are brought to us by CRM (Christian) of which we now have 72 kids living with us. Many of these kids are saved from physical, emotional and sexual abuse when they are brought to House Gracia, some were brought here from the streets and others were brought here because they were simply just abandoned.

What we do for the kids

House Gracia provides a safe haven for these kids and with a bed to sleep in and food in their tummies, they are taught the values of life. Here they can get the primary education and Christian foundation every child deserves.

House Gracia strives to give these children the best possible home and family environment and with that, the chance at a better future.

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Millbank Dachshund Rescue

Millbank Dachshund Rescue is situated in Kromdraai, The Cradle Of Human Kind, Gauteng. We take unwanted, neglected and elderly Dachshunds in and give them a home where they can live out the rest of their lives.

These beautiful furbabies need special care by people who understand the unique needs of a Dachshund. Dachshunds cannot live outside in kennels, they are as feisty as they are fragile and need soft comfy beds indoors and warm laps in order to be happy.

As cute as their sausage-shaped bodies are, they are prone to spinal injuries and great care needs to be taken throughout their lives to prevent Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). Unfortunately, our furbabies have not had the best lives, until we were privileged enough to rescue them and look after them the way they deserve. This ultimately means high vet bills and a lot of recuperating time and care to get these furbabies back to health.

Millbank Dachshund Rescue is a registered NPO relying completely on public generosity to rescue and care for these abused and abandoned furbabies.

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