o Maintenance and Support

SPOC Managed Services operates service centres in the major regions of South Africa. When a client calls our helpdesk with a telecommunications problem the call is logged and a technician dispatched to effect a repair.

o Data and Voice Cable Reticulation

Whether you're moving to a new location, or you're upgrading the voice and data cabling in your office or your business, you need to ensure that you hire the right data and voice cabling installation services.
We provide the following services for voice, data, communication, and video cable installation needs.
CAT 6E cable installation
CAT 5 cable installation
CAT 3 cable installation
CAT 3, 5, and 6 cable installations with line termination and testing
Data network and cabling
Site surveys
Complete office integration of Data & Phone to Patch Panels in designated Data rooms.

o Project Management

There is a great difference between a very simple project involving one or two people and one involving a complex mix of people, organizations and tasks. Computer programs do not manage projects – they are simply tools for project managers to use. Nevertheless, the idea that complex plans could be analyzed by a computer to allow project control is the basis of much of the technology that today allows projects of any size and complexity to not only be planned but also modelled to answer 'what if?' questions.
There are many project planning and scheduling programs available today that can provide real time information, as well as link to risk analysis, time recording, costing, estimating and other aspects of project control.
SPOC Managed Services offers professional project management in its fields of expertise.

o Consultancy services

Implementing solutions requires a great deal of understanding of domain and work processes, as well as inter and intra-enterprise relationship management. Any enterprise-wide solution is likely to affect all of these areas at various points. At SPOC Managed Services we attach the utmost importance to understanding our client's unique needs before designing solutions and we work closely with them in assessing these needs. We then assess the requirements, the required technology platform, and the legacy database strategies. Domain specialists along with technology associates develop solutions and implement them at the clients' location(s).
Telecommunication and IT competence in the SME sector is relatively lower than in large companies due to the lack of full-fledged IT departments, and there are often stand-alone applications that are almost impossible to integrate into common telecommunications architecture. We at SPOC Managed Services have specially geared our services to assist SMEs in managing and eliminating inefficiencies.

VoIP and Connectivity

VoIP - Call Cost Savings and Least-Cost Routing

SPOC also focuses on call cost savings by offering services from alternative connectivity suppliers other that Telkom. Centracom, Neotel and Huge Telecom form part of this profile whereby costs on calls made can be reduced by as much as 45%.
Installed gateways or routers connect to the telephone system and any outgoing calls are automatically re-directed to take advantage of the cheaper call routes. This dramatically reduces cost of calls to cellular phones.
All telephone systems are programmed to enable least-cost routing. An added benefit is that communication is still possible when the Telkom service fails

Optic Fibre and Wireless broadband connectivity

The faster people can access the Internet, the more they can—and will—do online. The arrival of wireless broadband Internet made possible the phenomenon of cloud computing (where people store and process their data remotely, using online services instead of a home or business PC in their own premises).

In much the same way, the steady rollout of optic fiber broadband (typically 5–10 times faster than conventional DSL broadband, which uses ordinary telephone lines) will make it much more commonplace for people to do things like streaming movies online instead of watching broadcast TV or renting DVDs.

With more fiber capacity and faster connections, we'll be tracking and controlling many more aspects of our lives online using the so-called Internet of things.

Telkom Value-Added Services

SPOC Managed Services is a licensed reseller of Telkom SA services, giving us a direct inroad to Telkom for the value-added technology and services Telkom offers. This gives us the edge when it comes to supplying services and support to our clients regarding ADSL, Diginet, Smart Access, ISDN, and other technologies.

Neotel Value-Added Services


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Cable Reticulation
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