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Telephone Management Systems South Africa

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Telephone Management Systems South Africa

Take Control of Your Company’s Telecommunications with Leading Telephone Management Systems in South Africa

Today, more than ever, companies need to cut down on spending costs in order to remain competitive in ever increasing competing industries. One way that you may be surprised to save a lot of money in your business is by looking at your telecommunications spend. The money that you spend unnecessarily on maintaining your dated telephone systems could be much better spent on other important areas of the business.
State-of-the-art telephone management systems in South Africa are ushering South African businesses into a new era of cost-effective telecommunications that deliver more value for less. Even though VoIP and fax-to-email technology have already changed the telecommunications landscape in South Africa for the better, it is still important that management ensures these technologies are used productively, efficiently and responsibly in order to ensure the best ROI.

To achieve this some automatic oversight on calls and other communications in the businesses is required. At SPOC Managed services, we provide leading telephone management systems in South Africa. We specialise in electronic communication solutions for the corporate sector and since our inception in 2003 have grown to become a leading supplier of efficient telephone management systems in South Africa. Our telephone management system is used in conjunction with call-logging in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

Your business can access and benefit from the many functions that this technology has to offer either through means of hardware installations like a PBX system or through the use of specialised and hosted software. We also make available different products and solutions which are designed to provide different levels of functionality.

Leading Telephone Management Solutions to Grow Your Business

The SPOC telephone management system in South Africa will offer you access to the best telecommunication features available today. These features will help you to grow your business and receive far greater returns on your telecommunications investment. Here are only a few of the many features that you can look forward to when investing in cutting edge telephone management systems from SPOC Managed Services:

  • Hunt Groups: With this feature, a series of phone numbers is programmed into the system. The system will then work its way down the list should there be no response from the originally dialled number. It is a powerful and timesaving feature that could be applied in a customer service support or sales division. It will ensure that the caller will get a response every time from someone in the correct department.
  • Interactive Call Response: Using this feature will allow an incoming call to be automatically routed to the correct department according to inputs from the caller by either voice control or by pressing keys on their keypad. It will remove the need for a receptionist or telephone operator and will allow clients to quickly access the correct department when phoning in.

There are so many other value-adding features that will make investing in telephone management systems in South Africa really worthwhile for your business. Other features include voice call recording for legal and quality control purposes, as well as call records capturing time in terms of date and duration, and finally the caller and recipient’s numbers. These are only a few of the many features you can look forward to.

SPOC Managed Services is passionate about our industry as well as offering our clients only the very best value for money. We will work with you to offer you the best telecommunications solutions for your business. Our team supplies, installs and maintains all the equipment provided by SPOC, servicing a nationwide client base. We have technicians and experts throughout South Africa servicing each of our valued clients’ facilities to make sure that all equipment is kept in proper working order.

SPOC Managed Services also offer a 24-hour helpdesk which can be accessed via email as well. Here you can log any query and an appropriate technician will be dispatched to the allocated task to repair the issue as soon as possible. It is just another way in which we’re working hard to provide our clients with the best service available in the industry. Contact SPOC Managed Services to learn more about our many cutting edge telecommunications and telephone management systems in South Africa.