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CCTV in the workplace

CCTV in the workplace. This is the universal debate over CCTV surveillance systems. Does the thought of an ever-watchful eye make you feel secure or intruded on? On the one hand, we all have the right to privacy. On the other hand, businesses need to protect themselves against lawsuits, keep their staff safe and monitor…
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How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Hosted Services?

How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Hosted Services? Why are hosted PBX services becoming a requisite for South African small businesses? The fact of the matter is that there are many reasons why small businesses consider investing in this great technology to help them, affordably and efficiently, deal with their business communication. The functionality, features,…
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VoIP Software

Why You Should be Using VoIP Software on Your Computer The use of VoIP software among South Africa businesses and professionals are growing. Voice over Internet Protocol technology is used for conducting voice conversations using the internet as your telephone line. However, thanks to cutting edge VoIP software it now also supports video conferencing functions…
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Switchboard System

The Value of a Siemens PABX Switchboard System for Your Business It doesn’t feel that long ago when a switchboard system was manually operated by a person who had to plug cables into sockets to connect different incoming calls to various extensions. Thankfully these units have been replaced by cutting edge PABX switchboard systems like…
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Telephone Management Systems South Africa

Take Control of Your Company’s Telecommunications with Leading Telephone Management Systems in South Africa Today, more than ever, companies need to cut down on spending costs in order to remain competitive in ever increasing competing industries. One way that you may be surprised to save a lot of money in your business is by looking…
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