The system boasts a full set of complete Unified Communication features.
FlexxiOwn puts the power of convergence into the hands of today’s growing businesses.

You can cut down on communications costs with a converged system—a single platform that integrates VoIP and data communications and brings together your wireless and wired connections. The all-in-one design of the FlexxiOwn integrates wired, VPN, VoIP, Wireless and networking business communications.

FlexxiOwn offers high quality, unrivalled features, and flexibility with a variety of advanced communication features that are easy to navigate and understand. The system allows for flexibility and reliability while being scalable for use in small, medium or large-Enterprises.


The benefits below are additional to what VoIP brings on its own. It is the combined set of benefits that leads us to conclude that FlexxiOwn is an ideal solution for businesses looking for affordable unified communication platform.

Unified Communications Features

You get access to the entire platform and all future feature upgrades or additions for just the one-time upfront purchase price. This provides a significant saving. The entire solution is setup and managed from one centralized and intuitive web user interface.

Low Capital Expenditure

All hardware, software, features, and functions are included free of charge. When firmware updates are released, those updates are available for the life of the system when signing for a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Not charging licensing or on-going fees saves users a significant amount over the lifetime of the solution.

Easy Installation & Management

Installation and set-up are handled with a few clicks of the mouse and minimal manual operation. allowing for setup and provisioning of entire networks in a matter of minutes and makes it extremely easy to add devices after initial setup. This enable minimum disturbance with your operation and network during office hours.

Audio & Video Conferencing,

Aside from a host of data and mobility applications, the FlexxiOwn also offers full SIP video support that can be integrated with any SIP video product or service. Add video conferencing to your network which can be easily accessed by dialling an extension and add IP video phones to allow for video calling

Mobility Features

FlexxiOwn adds several mobility based features to help businesses with single or multi-locations including softphone applications for mobile devices, peering to cover multiple different physical locations, remote access to all data tools, fax/Voicemail forwarding to email, remote monitoring, maintenance and more.

Ongoing Operating Costs

The initial investment may be higher than a hosted solution but works out more cost effective over a period of years. Using an IP PABX with SIP Trunking helps reduce monthly phone expenditure, especially long-distance charges, by allowing businesses to connect using VoIP.



• Secure, clear and reliable
• Fully customizable call routing
• Built-in conference bridges
• Support for all major VoIP codecs


• Free softphone app
• Multiple office peering
• Remote access to CDR, etc.
• Fax/Voicemail forwarding to email


• Integrated phonebook files
• Call detail records (CDR)
• Built-in call recording server
• System backup
• CRM, PMS, CTI integration


• Full SIP Video support
• Video conferencing
• Video calling
• Video surveillance


Call Routing
Call Forwarding
Call Transfer
Call Queues
Click to Dial 
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Auto Attendant
Call Retrieval
Call Hold
Remote extension dialling

Music on Hold
Ring Group/Hunt Group
Audio conferencing rooms (bridges)
Call Recording server (built-in)
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)


FlexxiOwn is charged at an affordable once off Capex amount that can be cash purchased or financed over 24 – 60 months.
Remote Maintenance & Support Service Level Agreements are available at a low monthly fee.


Internet Connectivity

FlexxiOwn VoIP requires stable internet connection to function. SPOC can utilise your existing fibre or Wireless internet link depending on the amount of extensions you require. Should you not have a stable connection we can assist through our FlexxiConnect range of options available.

Number Porting

Porting your number means you get to keep your phone number when changing service providers. SPOC can assist you in porting your numbers (011, 021, 031, etc) from your current service provider to us when signing up for our VoIP service or Hosted Solutions. Once ported, you can keep your number with you wherever you to move to in South Africa.
Don’t have a number? NO Problem! We can provide you with a geographical or non-geographical number, we also do 087 numbers.


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