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How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Hosted Services?

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How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Hosted Services?


How Can Small Businesses Benefit from Hosted Services?

Why are hosted PBX services becoming a requisite for South African small businesses? The fact of the matter is that there are many reasons why small businesses consider investing in this great technology to help them, affordably and efficiently, deal with their business communication. The functionality, features, and costs of the system are only a few of the many benefits of this system and why its popularity is still catching on among companies of all shapes and sizes.

One of the reasons to opt for hosted PBX instead of installing it on-premises would the costs involved. If you were to invest in this technology and host it on-site, you would have to invest in a server as well, not to mention the wired connections that would be needed to manage the huge flow of data. The setting up of the hardware along with establishing the connections will rack up the costs and also take a lot of effort.

When you make use of a hosted PBX solution, your business will save a lot with the expenses needed to set up this giant system, while only having to spend a fraction of the cost to maintain all its cutting edge features. In this way, your system will be hosted by an external service provider and you won’t be responsible for all the above-mentioned costs. It remains a smart way of investing in telephony that most of the small- to medium-sized South African businesses find great value in.

No Need for Different Business Numbers

Another reason behind a hosted PBX package’s popularity is the fact that you won’t have to pay for many different numbers. With a conventional telephone setup, a fair number of phone lines are needed to provide phone line extensions at different desks and workstations. With the hosted PBX system, your business just needs one phone number in order to operate numerous extensions from any location. This will effectively give your employees incredible mobility in the office.

Unless your client drops the call intentionally, a hosted PBX package also comes with all the state-of-the-art call features you’d expect. These features include call return, call transfer, call waiting and call forwarding, as well as interactive voice response and automatic call distribution, to name only a few. You can also easily arrange these features in a row so as to prevent the loss of any potential business opportunities and sales leads.

In the case that nobody can handle an incoming call, the call audit records can produce the client’s number for easy reference and call back, and the voicemail will kick in to let the caller leave a message. This alone makes a hosted PBX service a great investment for any sized company.

Expert Hosted PBX Systems from SPOC Managed Services

SPOC Managed Services is an industry leading company operating in the South African information and communications technology arena. Since 2003, we have been hard at work at growing our business and leading the industry in excellence. We started through identifying a need in the market and by providing successful and value-adding telecommunications solutions in response to these needs.

We are also an official supplier of Siemens telecommunications and PABX equipment. All our equipment are supplied, installed and maintained by industry professional and qualified sales and technical staff. We service a nationwide clientele throughout South Africa. As a further indication of our industry leading excellence, SPOC Managed Services received the prestigious award of being named Siemens Partner of the Year from 2006 to 2011.

Our company is also registered with Telkom as an External Sales Agent where we effectively represent Telkom in the marketplace – marketing and implementing their products and services ranging from ADSL, Smart Access, Diginet and ISDN, to name a few. One of our main focuses has always been to provide expert and value-adding communications services to a wide range of customers. Not only do we concentrate on service and sales but SPOC Managed Services also provides resources in project management and consulting in an effort to provide our valued clients with only the very best value for money and leading solutions.

Contact SPOC Managed Services to learn more about our value-adding products and to find out how a hosted PBX system will benefit your business.