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IP Camera Systems

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IP Camera Range

We have partnered with HikVision to bring you the best CCTV Camera Systems. With our expert advice and consultation, we assist you in choosing, installing and maintaining the correct CCTV camera systems for your needs.


DarkFighter & DarkFighterX

With the deepening of security awareness and the building boom of safe cities, high-quality video surveillance has become a basic requirement. Since night hours comprise almost half of the surveillance recording, and since most crime happens at night, improving low-light video quality is the most critical problem in the video surveillance industry today. Featuring a large HD progressive scan CMOS sensor, Hikvision’s DarkFighter Technology captures excellent colour imaging in extremely dark environments – evendown to 0.002 lux – and automatically switches to monochrome by removing the IR filter to boost sensitivity when illumination is lower than 0.002 lux. All the while, DarkFighter maintains superlative image quality and has now reached 4 MP resolution.DarkFighterX’s technology is based on the retinal imaging that human eyes use to process colour and brightness. This human-like technology features an innovative dual-sensor design – one sensor for IR imaging that guarantees image brightness, the other sensor for visible light that guarantees vivid colour. These signals are then combined into one bright, full-colour image.




Hikvision is set to reach new heights in extremely high contrast imaging with the ultra-high 140 dBWDR “LightFighter” technology for exceptional, industry-leading visibility in brightly lit or high-contrast environments. The result of this cutting-edge advancement is crystal-clear, detail-rich images with true colour reproduction in lighting conditions that would defeat conventional WDR technology. The key to the performance of the LightFighter technology is the industry-leading WDR system that allows cameras to record greater scene detail even where the intensity of illumination varies considerably, such as backlighting when very dark and very bright areas appear simultaneously in the field of view. The 140 dB WDRin the LightFighter offers 100 times more powerful enhancement than the conventional 120 dB WDR systems.LightFighter is particularly suited to intense backlight situations and is the ideal technology for cameras pointing towards windows and entrance doors.



With the development of 4K technology quickly coming into focus, opportunities to use this technology in security will continue to grow. As a leading video surveillance manufacturer, Hikvision has paid close attention to the rise of 4K and has launched a total 4K system to harness this technology in the global security industry. Without complementary 4K components, such as monitors and NVRs, 4K cameras cannot be used to their full potential, and therefore have little practical use in surveillance. By building a total system – complete with cameras, NVRs, etc. – Hikvision strives to provide a system that is more helpful and more useful to its customers. The Hikvision 4K system, which comes equipped with a variety of smart functions, satisfies the security industry’s need for ultra-high resolution and smart surveillance.