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Managed Business Services - PBXCustomers are demanding increasingly higher standards of service, this, together with the ever-constricting challenges of corporate governance and regulatory compliance have created a pressing need for total reliability and security in electronic call records. If your business relies on keeping track of customer phone interactions for quality, monitoring or legal purposes, then you’ll appreciate the importance of implementing a reliable and feature-rich call recording and quality management solution.

SPOC Managed Services application incorporates the latest best practices in international call recording. This, combined with state-of-the-art functionality and partnerships with world-renowned hardware suppliers serves to deliver a trusted stable and secure solution.
Our global partnerships with key support vendors enable us to supply, integrate and support our products with the speed and efficiency all clients expect and deserve.
Whether you operate a call centre, back office or trading floor, or you simply require impeccable records of phone transactions with clients and employees, our application offers a secure and reliable solution that can be customised to your specific business goals.

Agent imaging
Displays the image of an agent associated with a specific extension
Agent information
Details the name, extension and email address of the person on the call
Detailed call information
Displays call-specific information, such as caller-ID, date, time and call duration
Flag a call
Allows an authorized user to flag a call for quality control or review by a supervisor
Call history and audit log
Secure log of every event pertinent to a call. For example, when a call was accessed, who accessed the call, whether permission to access the call was approved or denied and whether a call was transmitted to another entity
E-mail a call
Allows users to email a copy of the call to single or multiple email addresses
Download a call
This function allows for a decrypted copy of the call to be downloaded to a computer in .WAV format
Note display
Displays notes created on the call over time
Time-specific notes
Shows notes created at a specific point in time during the call
Notes over time
Shows notes created over a period of time within a call
Screenshots over time
Displays the points in time during a call that desktop screenshots were taken
Visual representation of all sound being recorded
Call transfer information
Visual representation of all extensions that participated in the call
Desktop screenshot
Displays screenshots of all desktop activity occurring during a call
Quality control
Allows a supervisor to perform customized quality control questionnaires from within the visual call representation.

There is no need to access external systems and screens

  • Web-based interface - User-friendly and intuitive
  • Easy to read Visuals with eye-friendly colours
  • Widget home page showing number calls for today, this week and per month
  • Rapid Interface Load time
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Granular security profiles
  • Audit trail monitoring
  • Multiple call search criteria
  • Advanced Remote Link support for multiple sites
  • Desktop screen capture and note taking
  • Dynamic QC note capture
  • Quality management with decision tree based QC
  • Advance QC reporting
  • Unlimited expansion
  • Third-party data integration tools
  • Advanced user management and archiving
  • Automatic Database updating
  • Remote monitoring

Head Sets

Managed Business Services - PBXYou can’t compromise when it comes to call quality.

Why are there so many different types of headsets, amplifiers and cable configurations?
Apart from the obvious reason of catering for personal preferences, there are also some technical reasons for the many different products:

Headset cables have four wires – two for the microphone (transmit) and two for the speaker (receive). These wires have to be in the correct places on the connector that plugs into the phone, otherwise, the headset cannot work. Unfortunately, there is no set standard so not everyone wires their telephones in this way.

Some telephones cannot boost the transmit (speech) level of the headset enough for callers to be able to hear the headset user clearly. In these instances, an amplifier or a headset with a high-gain microphone has to be used.

Speech Circuits
Telephones also have different types of speech circuits. Most telephone instruments nowadays use an Electret microphone. A few use carbon type microphones and some of the older instruments use a dynamic type microphone.

It is vitally important that the headset’s microphone type is compatible with the telephone’s speech circuit otherwise callers won’t be able to hear the headset user.

The majority of today’s headsets use an Electret microphone, so they’ll work on most modern instruments. Some amplifiers allow one to match a headset’s Electret microphone to a carbon-type instrument.

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