Hybrid PBX Systems

Hybrid PBX Systems are conventional PBX.  They use traditional analogue or digital phone networks, but are expanded (by plugging in an additional card) to allow it to communicate using the SIP IP-protocol. This allows the Hybrid PBX System to connect to IP phones or to remote IP system.

Hybrid PBX System Benefits:

• The important feature of the Hybrid PBX System is if either the conventional PBX or VOIP server isn’t working, the PBX system will automatically switch over to the other network.
• Excellent for remote offices and secondary locations.
• The system has to be situated on the premises.
• Hybrid PBX allows for easy transition to full VOIP and Hosted PBX solution.

The size and expandability of your business will determine the PBX system chosen.

Hybrid PBX System
IP PBX System

IP PBX Systems

IP PBX System are phone systems which makes and receives calls over the Internet. Instead of using old analog or digital technology to move phone calls, an IP PBX System uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Therefore, your phone system is no longer tied to physical phone lines, which are expensive to maintain. Instead, the IP PBX System transmits voice data over your existing internet connection. Thereby reducing the cost of phone systems and easier to maintain.

IP PBX System Benefits:

  • Cost Saving & Reduced IT Infrastructure
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Advanced Features
  • Improved Multi-Location Communications
  • Easy Maintenance

Analogue PBX Systems

Grand-daddy of the PBX world, the Analogue PBX System translates audio signals  into electronic pulses. It is an old fashioned and more cumbersome method of communication within a business. However, there are businesses still using these systems for a variety of reasons. The Analogue PBX System is effective for small to medium sized businesses and the calls are cheap. (Standard telephone call). The Analogue PBX System uses traditional wiring and are completely separate from a company’s computer networking hardware. Some analogue PBX systems offer built-in voice message, Caller ID display and automatic voice guidance.

However,  improvements in Cloud and VoIP technology occur on a frequent basis, experts believe the Analogue PBX systems days are numbered. With Telkom announcing End-Of-Life to copper infrastructure these systems need replacement over the next 5 years.

Analogue PBX System

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