Siemens Enterprise Communications rebrands as Unify

On October 14 2013, Siemens Enterprise Communications changed its name to Unify. The company believes this new name more accurately describes what the company is all about: unifying how people communicate and interact. The new brand is accompanied by a new tag line: Harmonize Your Enterprise.

The rebranding of the company is not a surprise. When Siemens AG entered into the joint venture with Los Angeles-based Gores Group to operate Siemens Enterprise Communications, part of that deal was that the company could use the Siemens brand for several years but that it would ultimately have to discontinue using the Siemens moniker.

Unify’s CEO, Hamid Akhavan, said, “In the past, we have come from a telephony background… that is no longer our focus.” This seems to indicate that Unify will move away from being a traditional PBX manufacturer.

Chris Hummel, Unify GM and North American Commercial Officer followed up on this comment the next day with a clarification. Hummel stated that Unify has incredible strength in voice and telephony. They are not throwing this strength and experience away, and they are not getting out of the PBX market. But voice is now table stakes. A very sophisticated table stakes, but table stakes nevertheless. Historically Siemens has been focused on ports and selling what connects to those ports (primarily phones). Under the Unify brand, they will be focusing on people, not ports. Customers are putting more value on the applications and their usage, and Unify is listening to its customers by creating the applications customers want. This is where Unify is going, effectively becoming a trusted advisor and counsellor to its customers.

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