Untethered Internet Access

Wireless Internet enables wireless connectivity to the Internet via radio waves rather than wires on a person's home computer, laptop, smartphone or similar mobile device. We have partnered with the top companies to provide you with the best service at cost-effective rates.

While most wireless Internet options lack the high speed of landline broadband Internet connections such as cable and DSL, newer wireless Internet technologies like EV-DO and WiMAX are narrowing the gap, with maximum speeds of up to 7 Mbps in some cases.

Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless LANs are also options for wireless Internet connectivity. In these cases, Internet connectivity is typically delivered to a network hub via a wired connection like satellite, cable, DSL or fibre optics and then made available to wireless devices via a wireless access point.

Wireless & LTE

For a business trying to keep their head above water in today’s crowded market place, there is no denying that time is of the essence in every aspect. Since the introduction of wireless networks, the pressure for businesses to operate at maximum efficiency has increased tenfold. An effective communication solution plays a huge role in streamlining business operations and boosting productivity. If you are looking to advance into the wireless world or merely wanting to upgrade and remain competitive, contact us to advise and assist you in Wireless Internet. We do a full evaluation and analysis of your business requirements and customise a solution accordingly, ensuring you only pay for what you need.


Many business owners are sceptical about going completely wireless, after being drilled with the misconception that wireless opens up a world of security risks. Although this may have been relevant a few years ago, the latest and greatest encryption technology available these days ensures that security threats are kept to a minimum. This is not to say that it can’t happen – hackers will always try to find a way in – but wireless is no more dangerous than any other form of technology, in fact, it’s probably the safest.


Wireless networks offer increased mobility in and out of the office, which means you can keep an eye on your business and complete tasks wherever you are – be it in a colleague’s office, a boardroom meeting or on an island in Bali.


Modern day businesses are moving towards a cost saving mind set, especially with the state of the current economy. Many business owners request that employees bring their own PC’s and laptops to the office, which further highlights the benefit of going wireless. By the simple click of a button, employees are connected to the wireless network, and have access to the hub of information needed to start their business day.

Wireless technology has advanced to the point where the options become overwhelming and confusing to business owners looking for the right solution.
SPOC Managed Services will guide you in the correct direction by offering a personal, hands-on experience that will leave you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

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